( Barsoi, Borzoi, Barzoi, Psowaya Barsaya )

CAC, CWC, 32xCAC, 22x BOB, 16x CACIB (CZ, SK, A, HU), many times BIG IV, BIS, Exc.2 - World Dog Show Poznan (PL), Junior Champion, United Champion, Grand Champion, Club Champion, National Winner, Youngh Club winner, Club winner, ICH - Champion International de Beauté, Top Dog 2007 - 3.rd place - Greyhounds, Top Dog 2008 - 1 place in group X. Patriot is big, big dog - and he took from his father from an Ingo bodybuilding, elegance and long step, the range from unbelievably kind and nice behavior. He is big puppy, all the day is playing with everything what he found, but between most favorite toy whistle belong. He is very good eater, and each day is possible to see how he is growing. At the ring that he became an old professional, but show last season and in the end of 2008 he was several times attacked by dogs in the ring end competitions - Patriot never starts and never gives answer, but from last attack in Mlada Boleslav in the end ring in the autumn 2009 he starts to afraid from this place. We will give him some time and try it again, because it will be a pity because other handlers stops showing aggressive dogs and not have power to fight them stops ... these should be punished from side of judges, but ... .. He is still playing with toys and Polaris same like puppy, they are maximally happy if they run and play .. Last show season he became a TOP DOG 2008 in United - hard work, we must show visited each and also each judge (who also these not like Patriot) but in the end he has the Patriot first place between Greyhounds more than 100 points more than The second dog ... between all FCI groups he place on the 4th place! Thank you boy!

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