Tzel Schacmac Among Caoilta at 20 months
( Kanaan Hund, Canaan Dog, Chien de Canaan )

The Genuine Article! Both Tzel's sire and dam were bred by Myrna Shiboleth of the Shaar Hagai Kennels in Israel, Myrna has been breeding Canaan dogs for over 30 years and acquired some of her original stock from the founder of the breed, Prof R. Menzel, notably including Laish me Bnei HaBitachon the first Israeli Canaan champion and the dog Prof. Menzel considered to be the best she ever bred. In the early days of the Shaar Hagai Kennels Myrna brought all her dogs to Prof. Menzel to be judged and evaluated. Prof. Menzel would explain exactly what the qualities and the faults of that particular dog, and how it related to her ideal vision of the breed and whether or not it should be registered and bred from.
Myrna has continued Prof. Menzel's work by helping to preserve the breed and introducing wild stock to the breeding programme whenever possible, the latest dog captured was in April 2001.

Tzel has made me and his breeders Jill & Ian Terry UK and Myrna Shiboleth Israel very proud by recently winning Best of Breed at Championship Show level.

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