• Oct. 30th, 2000 Basel: a law is passed that all dangerous dog breeds have to be chipped!

  • Oct. 31st, 2000 - TV News of the Swiss Television, quotation:
    "After the bad accidents with fighting dogs at home and abroard the Federal Office of Veterinary Administration (System) acts. As immediate steps an institution for call and information has been set up. From tomorrow on everybody can get information at the hotline with the phone number +41-31-322 22 99. The information institutions addresses to dog owners but also to concerned citizens. Furtheron it is designated to mark all the dogs with chips and have them registered in a national data base."

QUESTION: Since when does any dog have concerns to bite with an implanted (foreign element) micro chip? Has this anything to do with the often quoted topic "fighting dogs"? These inflammatory (virulent) campaigns, not only against dogs, are a planned affair and don't only insult (blame) our intelligence!

1. What is charged with for single chip registration? (SFr. 20.00!?)
2. Who is owneer of the registry company?
3. Where does the money for registration run to?

Is it this private company?
Thereto some dates from the year 1994 out of the Confederate Commercial Register
governing board and management position.
Anis Animal Identity Service AG, Winterthur
Commercial Register entry branch (trade)/products: veterinaries, veterinary clinics, prevention of cruelty to animals
works with the maintanance (service) of the data base for registration of animals signed with micro chips.
capital stock Fr. 51'000.--,  Liberierung Fr. 30'000.--, nominal value Fr. 1000.--

legal form public limited company, location & posting address
Ch. Modl, Bosshardengässchen 2, 8400 Winterthur
simultaneously ex attorney of SKG (has been board member)

Board: Hans W. Müller, Seuzach (ex president of the Swiss Cynlogic Organisation (SKG) and still acting president of one of the biggest dog federations (FCI). 

Holenstein Roger, Müllheim (TG), position VR-president (has been vice president of the Swiss Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals STS, Basel). 

With such people you can make interesting business (deals).
Against the SKG an investigation around tax audit is up at the moment. It's not known yet in which amount bills and vouchers are missing, if it is just 500'000 or 1.2 million SFr. , however, it's out of the time when Mr. Müller was SKG president.

Mr. Holenstein has become known through headlines, since he bought a real estate in the middle of a village, supposedly for an animal hostel, in the name of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. For the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals absolutely worthless because there was no building permit and such one has not been granted, and of course t was much too expensive! Any more questions?

4. Since many years most of the dogs are being tattooed. Furtheron one knows in any case about biting dogs, the identity of dogs and owners is known. For that no micro chip is needed, for which single registry of the address an amount of sFr. 20.00 is charged.  

For your advices to clarify open questions we are grateful in advance.