Alexander V. Vlasoff wrote:


I live in SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia

Write You in the hope on your help. Lawmakers of city take presently new law. This law stipulates: obligatory checkup of owner of dog or buyer of puppy beside psychiatrist and narcologyst - aquisition of license to dog, regardless of sorts

License Cost is approximately 100 dollars, provided that in the country average salary less than 100 dollars. For the majority of owners this too much amount, and they will be compel to banish their own dogs to the street.

Dog, not having licenses, policeman has a right TO SHOOT without warning!
Dog, not having licenses will be not able to take part in the dog-show . On this law all owners of dogs and puppies are obliged to buy this license.

We are in the panic. Town authorities keep silent. Ask to report this terrible news all, who is non indifferent to the fate of dogs of our city, as well as send my letter in the international human rights organizations and organizations on protection bestial. For more detailed information about this horror mail me.

Best regards

Alexander Vlasoff,
former secretary to Russian Association "Airedale Terrier"
owner of two Airedales
St. Petersburg,
Russia, 198152, p/o box 267

Phone/fax 7-812-184-0205

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Help from Austria Wuff editor wrote

Help from Austria: Wuff editor wrote

TO: Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, President IOC
FAX: +41-21-621 6216

DATE: 12 Jan 1997
# of PAGES (including first page): 1

FROM: Dr. Hans Mosser, editor WUFF

REF: Olympic Games 2004, candidacy of St. Petersburg, Russia

Dear Mister Samaranch,

on behalf of 40.000 readers of WUFF®, a dog magazine in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, I want to bring to your knowledge the barbarian act of the governor of St. Petersburg, Mr. Jakoview, by giving permission to the city´s police forces to shoot dogs who are found without a leash or without a license.

Information already has reached us, that incredibly cruel and arbitrary acts against dogs have been performed by the police. Even newspapers of St. Petersburg do not support this decision of the governor, Mister Jakoview, and report about the cruelties of the police forces against pet animals (e.g. SMENA, Dec. 12th, 1996).

We think, that Olympic games should not be held in a city, where barbarian acts against companion animals of men, in particular dogs, are performed systematically.

So we would ask you - as president of the IOC - to make the candidacy of St. Petersburg for the Olympic Games 2004 conditional on the withdrawal of Mr. Jakoview´s decision to "free St. Petersburg of animals, an act which is unworthy of civilized countries.

This particular topic will be dealt with in the February-issue of WUFF® and will contribute to the beginning of a European campaign, as the nucleus for a world wide movement.

I am quite certain, that you will agree with this point of view according to modern veterinary medicine and animal protection. Your wise decision will find positive attention in the European news media!

Yours most sincerely

(Dr. Hans Mosser, editor)


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Shooting of Dogs in Russia again!

I must to inform All the dog lovers, that Shooting dogs in Russia is continued. Yesterday, 21 february most famous TV program "Wremechko" has reported, that in Moscow is begin Shooting of dogs without the muzzle and leash. The authorities invited a people with the cars as volunteers to do this terrible action! On the television were shown terrible frames, where inhabitants of city told about Shooting dogs in a daytime, beside on eyes of the children. The subject shootings are not only homeless dogs, pedigreed dogs are shooting too! In SAINT PETERSBURG last shooting has occurred a week ago. 3 homeless dogs are killed in the courtyard of building where they was living on the Children's care. On the dog's walk is shooted Newfoundlend on eyes of owner. Town authorities are exile on the certain dictation overhand... Stop murders! We can't nothing to do with this and scared for our dogs. Only the pressure of international organizations of pet protection on the most high level can render some influence upon the authorities. Protests of Russian pet owners do not listen our authorities. They never think about pets and about their rights.

Alexander Vlasoff, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Copyright & copy; 1997 Alexander
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Saint-Petersburg, Russia 23. February 1997
Today I has heard new information on shooting of dogs in SAINT PETERSBURG.

People incivildress have taxi to the kindergarten. They come out of the red car and on eyes of the children, who care and fed a puppy, shoot the puppy. This shooting has occurred in a daytime, beside on eyes the personnel of kindergarten and children. Afterwards these people have leave in the car of red colour. Dead puppy certain time lay expiring bed in the courtyard of kindergarten.

Nobody can not say that this for the people, supposedly from secret services of the city.

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