Register your dog breeding/kennel, if you like including a mini page!

Our website is one of the leading addresses in Internet, presenting pure bred standards as a portrait in several languages, and it is supposed being one of the most frequently visited reference page in dog world. is visited daily by more than 7500 dog fanciers.

Also out of that reason is the ideal advertisement area to present your breeding/kennel and make it well known world-wide from one day to the other.

Register your dog breeding/kennel, if you like including a mini page!

  • Search for your breed
  • Breeding name / kennel name of your breeding
  • Your full name (prename and name)
  • Street
  • Zip code and city
  • State / County
  • Country
  • Phone (only one number, shortest form possible)
  • Telefax (only one number, shortest form possible)
  • Your correct email address
  • (In case you have your own homepage) your URL (incl. http://) for a link via a photo to your mini page
  • Your club membership (e.g. xy KC)
  • Attention: pick out the right continent (e.g. Europe)
  • If you want to have a mini page leave your text about your dog breeding/kennel, not too short.
  • If you want to have a mini page upload a top photo from PC for your mini page (JPG/JPEG max. 100 KB or GIF up to 100 KB)
    Important: No space or other than specific English letters as photo file name
  • "Yes", in case email is requested when a new breeder of your breed makes an entry. (This is how you can unsubscribe from the email list)


What do our guests wish to see?
The guests don't want to wait for the pictures that don't please. Being a good breeder you should know what thrills dog fanciers. Top photos talk for you.

We don't accept advertisement for any third party in your mini page!

Which entries are bad?
* Photo too small
* Sub-average photo
* No photo but a logo
* Photo being not sharp
* No photo but a banner
* Too many typing mistakes
* Link in the description / text
* Link not to the breeding page
* Wrong links or incomplete URL
* Form being wrong or incomplete
* Link to a commercial guided site
* Photo being too dark or too light
* Wrong entry of the email address
* Link to a site with illegal contents
* No entry of a dog breeding/kennel
* Text with price or whelping date etc.
* Photos with someone else's copyright
* Incomplete or false entries in the form
* Suppression of the free opinion-leading
* Non reliable selling methods on linked site
* Link to a site with discriminating contents
* Line spacings or meta tags <BR> in the text
* 2nd entry (Spam) to be mentioned higher above
* Other mistakes that cannot be worked on for free
* Entry of address too long, more than two lines (MSIE)
* No link to us, obviously only interested in the own advantage
* Links to sites with which we don't want to be associated with
* Photo too big or too small; ideal height is 350 - 480 pixel
* Advertisement of third party in the photo for here sponsoring companies
* Advertisement of third party in the text for here not sponsoring companies
* Advertisement of third party in the kennel name for here not sponsoring companies

Free service for the breeders' register
Changing your dates in the register later

You can change most of your personal dates at any time, except text and Photo. Of course you can also change your password.

This is how you keep up to date ...
Let yourself be informed by email whenever a new breeder of your favorite breed is entered to the register.

Password finder
You have lost your password? No problem, just enter your email and it is in your mailbox soon. In case you change your provider, it is better you change your email address here prior.

Would you like to see a sample mini page?

Problems with picture revision?
No problem, you can send us your photo by snail mail. But please send your data (see entry form) only with e-mail. After that your photo is being scanned, a revision is made and than it is added to your breeder register page, but only for a small sharing of expenses from Euro 14.00 (about US$ 16.00). You can pay the amount with Credit Card or send it with a registered letter (have automatically an insurance in Switzerland) to: DER HUND - THE DOG - LE CHIEN, Ankegässli 14, CH-8956 Killwangen, Switzerland.

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