Frame Breeding Rule

Frame Breeding Rule

§ 1

The breeding and registration rules of the Swiss Yorkshire Terrier Club (SYC) are a guideline for all breeds being bred in “SYC”.

§ 2

All litters that can certify purebred parents are registered to the breeding book of the Swiss Yorkshire Terrier Club. This is proofed when both the parents have an acknowledged pedigree with at least three entered generations. The breeding book needs not to be bought by the breeder.

§ 3

Puppies with morphological faults can be suspended to be registered into the breeding book. The breeding responsible or the breeding committee decides about faults. Litters out of purebred parents have to be of the same type, coat and size, with Spaniels and Poodles also with the same color. Generally only same shall be bred to same. Veterinary certificates, according to the breed, concerning hip dysplasia, Patella, progressive Retina Atrophie etc., are a matter of course and need not be mentioned here in more details.

§ 4

For the sake of the bitch and for a good development of the puppies the use of a nurse is recommended for a big litter. More than three litters in two years are not tolerated.

§ 5

Each breeder shall contact the breeding responsible or breeding committee before mating for the purpose of choosing a suitable stud.

§ 6

Requirement for breeding animals are: a minimum age of 12 months or the second heat for all pure bred dogs up to a shoulder size of 45 centimeters. For big breeds it is 18 months of age or the third heat. According to animal care laws bitches shall only be used for breeding as long as she whelps healthy puppies without complications. Studs of which the fertility is reduced because of matter of age and who cause bitches to being empty or having small litters only, shall not longer be used for breeding. By no means it is allowed to charge full mating fee in such case. Generally nature decides by itself and regulates the amount and quality of offspring.

Dogs having been certified with “non confirmed for breeding” shall not be used for breeding. Violation will be punished with higher registration fee.

If a bitch is empty the stud owner has to offer the bitch owner another mating for free. The bitch owner has to certify that to the stud owner by veterinary certificate date at the expected whelping.

§ 7

The breeder has to present the dog ahead of the first breeding to the confirmation. The present persons expect the breeder to give a short report concerning standard of the breed and the arguments why he plans to use the animal for breeding. Herewith he has to point out the pros and contras of his dog and the attributes which will be looked for at the mating partner. For some reason a temporary breeding confirmation can be allowed.

Seperate settlement can be granted for breeders with longtime experience or instruction (e.g. animal keeper, diploma etc.).

In addition the breeder has to certify with veterinary attestation / certification:

  1. that there are no defects according to the breed, such as hip and ellbow dysplasia, Progressive Retina Atrophie, Patella Luxation etc., eventually only in a tollerable way, (e.g. big breeds dysplasia / small breeds Patella)
  2. that the dog is in excellent health condition organically.

The identification of the dog (tattoo number or micro chip) has to be added to the attestation / certificate.

Dogs with anatomical faults in tolerance have to be bred to excellent partners. Failures against this rule are being punished according to Art. 17 b), c) or d) of this breeding rule.

§ 8

Breeders have to announce a born litter in written way within 10 days to the secretary by adding the amount of puppies, the gender (dogs / bitches) and the parents.

§ 9

For registration of a litter the following paperwork is necessary: mating paper, whelping paper with stamp of the vet, the pedigrees of the parents and the kennel registration card, eventually titles or championship certificates of the parents. With his signature on the whelping paper the breeder certifies the truth of all dates given. Same is valid for the mating paper.

The puppies have to be tattooed. The tattoo numbers, eventually chip numbers, have to be added to the litter paper (the tattoo machine can be asked for at the responsible secretary).

The stamp of the vet on the whelping paper has to be done earliest at a puppy age of 8 to 10 weeks, with this stamp the good health condition of the puppies is certified as well.

§ 10

When a breeder is registering his first litter (breeder can only be one person), he has to register a kennel name. For this purpose three names have to be added. In case the first one is already in use the next on the list will be registered. For breeders breeding more breeds the registered kennel name is the same, but for each single breed he will receive a kennel card.

§ 11

The call names of the puppies of each single litter have to begin with the same letter. In case of breeding several breeds the alphabet is running seperately.

§ 12

The add “confirmation breeding” is for those of which the parents are confirmed for breeding or have been judged with “very good” at a show. For working dogs a passed working examination has to be certified.

§ 13

For working breeding the parents need to have passed the grade Schutzhund II and the grandparents have to certify a passed examination.

§ 14

Generally the owner of the dog is the breeder at the point of mating. In case of change of ownership the breeder can agree that the buyer registers a new kennel name. This name is valid for further change of ownership in the same pregnancy.

Concerning the breeding contracts according to civil law are binding, these contracts have to be handed over for inspection.

§ 15

In case of breeding with breeds that are of different types, only mating partners of the same type are allowed to be used.

§ 16

In case litters are registered, that are older than 5 months, the breeding registration authority charges an add of 200%. In case for a puppy out of one litter an additional pedigree (copy) is ordered, a registration fee of three times as much as normally is charged.

§ 17

Failures against the frame breeding rule, such as wrong entries in the whelping or mating paper, not correct amount of puppies, simulation of a nurse raising, non respectable way of selling etc., are being punished as follows:

a) with caution,

b) with increased registration fee,

c) with temporary veto for breeding,

d) with total veto for breeding.

§ 18

Pedigrees of puppies, that seem to be defective or of which the parents are evident bad hereties, have the add “not confirmed for breeding”. In case that such dogs are still used for breeding their offspring won’t receive pedigrees.

§ 19

So called “register pedigrees” are given to foreign pure bred dogs that have a pedigree but which cannot be checked concerning their correctness.

§ 20

Register rolls: Dogs that seem to fit to standard, but have – out of what reason ever – no pedigree, can receive a register roll after having been judged in a positive way. With such paper a test litter is allowed, but the mating partner has to have a complete pedigree.

§ 21

The Swiss Yorkshire Terrier Club is allowed to check a kennel after announcement or arrangement (except according to the appendix). This is not allowed to be spiteful. Arguments with looking into reclamation letters are to be offered the breeder for reading.

§ 22

In case of doubt the responsibele for the breeding book decides concerning this frame breeding rule. For additional matters the presidency of “SYC” is responsible.

The standard of breed is decided by the leading canine corporation of each country of origin. Exceptions are national legal necessary changes, such as banning of cropping/docking, martyrdom breeding etc.

Re-registration of club foreign pedigrees are being done to go confirm with “SYC” and to have an understanding issue in case of a pedigree in foreign language.

Prepared in October 1991 in co operation with the corporation president of the European Dog Sport Union (EHU), Walter Winkler, Rettenpacherstr. 26, A-Salzburg. Editor: Swiss Yorkshire Terrier Club (SYC), Secretary, Ankegässli 14, CH-8956 Killwangen, Telefon +41 (0)56 401 59 83, Fax: +41 (0)56 401 59 82. Retouched in May 2000.

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