Napoleon de Lusan, SchH2
( Berger de Beauce, Beauceron )

Napoleon de Lusan - called DRAGO Feb 8, 1997 - Oct 9, 2003. He was born in France - lived in Germany - and died in America

He went to school with me, waiting in the car for brakes where he hung out with me and my friends.

He was waiting in his kennel for me to come back from work, so he could run over his fields, hunting rabbits, having fun.

As security dog, he stood brave on my side, doing an excellent job in protecting and guarding.

He moved with me so many times as my only true partner.
He earned his SchHII title and it is the fault of my lack of time that he did not go further along. He loved to run with his girlfriends till he did his last morning run.

And this time he did not hear my call. Drago I'm sorry, I promised you the snow in KY, long walks and play in lakes... You always gave me strength and support during difficult life stages. I don't know where you went, by I now you are missed here. In my heart you will stay forever.

Thank You!



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