Jezinka Ana "LUNA" Bar-Bar Beskydy
( Berger des Brie, Briard )

Luna was born (Vip Belong x Anastàsie Bar-Bar-Beskydy) on May, 29th 2004 in Czech Republic. She is a cute girl with a lot of temperament and she always likes to work! "Busy body" would be almost a perfect description for her. She loves training and especially agility. But she knows how to behave when we got not so much time for her - she only waits until it's time to go out again. You will never feel bored with our "petite mademoiselle".
Luna passed already several exams (companion dog and obedience) and she's also successful in shows (many times exc. and CAC).
Together with our black Briad male, Paris, she enriches our every day's life.

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