Happy Senior Mudi Rübezahl, born 1992
( Mudi )

Our mudi Rübezahl was in 1992. As a biologist I took him out of a dog asylum in bad condition 15 years ago. People made fun of his curly hair but later the german mudi club diagnozed him as a real mudi. So he was not totally unique. We were happy to know about his breed and amazed to meet ans see other mudis. Decision was made to cheer up his life with a dog companion. This life partner was choosen by himself when she was a puppy. She is a little blond icelandic shepherd dog and they are doing very fine together (hot Paprika from the Puszta meets hot gheysir). Rübezahl is named after our great and sometimes dangerous mountain spirit and is still marching on tours of 6 hours in the mountains. He is not kastrated, still having all his teeth and the body is slim and slender. If it comes to protect his lady this senior heroically fights other dogs of any size. Let us jump together through the snow for many more happy years and let Rübi be the coverboy of our dog-magazine when he is 20 years old. We like to have contact and understand german, english, french and spanish language.

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