Tigre champion of France 2003
( Cao da Serra da Estrela )

This dog is reputed to be one of the oldest breed in the Iberian Peninsula. Coming from Asian mastiffs, similar to the Spanish mastiff, he comes from the Star Mountain in Portugal. Traditionally used to protect the flocks against predators, he is also used as draught-dog. Its standards dates back to 1934 and he is still very rare.
Imposing and remarkable for his sometimes threatening distrust against strangers, keen and vivid, alert and dignified, he is rather calm, he excels in his dedication and his obedience to his master. He is very rustic and courageous. Thanks to his exceptional sense of smell he is a very good hunter. Docile and calm he is the ideal companion for the family. In his young time, you must be firm and kind to him .
He doesn’t like city life. He needs space and exercises to spend his energy. Our dogs are licencied in obediance, agility and draughting club and very well sociabilised. They are also international beauty champions.

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