Leroy - Lucca von Zemp
( Zwergpinscher, Miniature Pinscher, Pinscher nain )

Leroy is a Miniature Pinscher and comes from Switzerland. He is a beautifully colored red male with a perfect disposition.
I have had two miniature pinschers and can recommend this breed to anyone who would like a 'big dog' in a small body. They love to play, run (I go jogging with mine) and are also great for dog sports. They are fearless and don't realize how small they really are. My first minpin was a barker - Leroy however is very quite and seldom barks. They might not require as much exercise as with other larger dogs but they need to keep busy. Boredom is a their worst enemy. The Swiss Minpin is bred with a longer snout and the head is not so round (many look like chihuahua's but these look very different). In most European countries it is illegal to crop the ears and tail.
Leroy lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

Email: jenniferclee@tiscali.ch


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