Of Hairy Grasshoppers
Annemarie Köck, Gschwendterstrasse 23, 8062 Kumberg, Austria (at)

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Hello. We are a family with two kids, two cats and two Doezen. They live with us and accompany us everywhere. Good health and their friendly character persuaded us to breed them. We select the parents with great care and in cooperation with the Nederlandse Vereniging for Schapendoezen. Sometimes we have a litter and quickly they turn up our whole home. Their first stay is in our bedroom, then they move into our lounge and our kitchen and by this they learn from the beginning of their life how it is to live in a family. Many pictures of our dogs - cats - kids - life are on our homepage! Feel free to contact us for all questions concerning the schapendoes! Our name and adress; Iskra Kurt / Annemarie Köck Gschwendter Strasse 23 8062 Kumberg, Styria Austria Tel. 0043 - (0)3132 - 21741 email: homepage:


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