Samojede, Samoyed, Samoyède

Frozen Side Of The Moon
Petre Monica, via Chenet 4, Cencenighe Agordino 32020, Belluno, Italy (it)

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Ania is a lively female sammy, playfull and very sweet. She makes you laughting when you look at her because she gives you the feeling of still being a puppy. She doesn't stay calm not even a minute! When she enters the ring,she attracts always looks.... so full of proud is she and she walks like a gorgeous woman in short skirt and on the shoes with heels, the classic ones modelle, so much particular and beautiful to see, makes me feel like in paradise! She has also reasons to feel like this, she's a champion, isn't she?


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Date - Sun Aug 14 14:34:21 2005